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Entertainment and facilities for children

A family holiday in the Afrodita Holiday Village is based on a rich program for children.

Daily entertainment

In order for the children’s holidays to be child’s play, the entertainment’s team often includes the whole family in their games. During the summer season, children can enjoy the Mini Club.
  • Mini Club (during the season)
The Mini Club has been adapted for all nationalities, which makes the Hotel Afrodita a proper family hotel for a unique family holiday. An oasis of fun for the youngest guests and a well thought out children’s program means that children will want their holidays to last all year round.
Children show their creative potential in imaginative workshops, painting, singing, as well as getting to know other girls and boys from all over the world. Often the youngest guests get the chance to show their works which they have created in the Mini Club, which is also something that all visitors to the Afrodita Bluesun Holiday Village can enjoy.
  • children’s open air playground
Summer days spent in the Afrodita family Holiday Village will definitely be made better by the well organised and safe play area with slides, seesaws, merry-go-rounds and swings for the fun of all small people.
  • children’s outdoor swimming pool
The well equipped and safe children’s pool in the Afrodita Holiday Village is an oasis for the youngest guests during the hot summer days, and if you want refreshment, then the Lido pool bar at the Afrodita Holiday Village, offers all types of fizzy and non-fizzy drinks, a variety of juices and so on.

Evening entertainment

  • Mini Disco
All children will look forward to the Mini Disco because it is held in the evening hours on the summer terrace of the Hotel Afrodita. Original dance moves, which all participants can easily remember and follow, as well as music suitable for children up to 16 years old, followed by the setting sun, make the Mini Disco an event that the children won’t want to miss.
  • Performances
The imaginative performances by the entertainment’s team reduce all generations and all nationalities to tears of laughter. Often in their events the entertainment’s team includes the audience, who are involved in bright costumes and parodies of a variety of theatre performances, such as Sister Act.
  • Themed evenings
In collaboration with the hotel staff, the entertainment’s team organise and manages cocktail evenings on the summer terrace, as well as film evenings, karaoke and so on. Emphasis is placed on interaction with the audience, and your amusing host will entertain you and your children all evening.


The children’s facilities are carefully selected, and each age group has something different, under the careful eye of professional children’s entertainers. In Kidstainment there are:
  • Treasure hunts
  • Themed days
  • Mini Olympics
  • Mini Fashion Show
  • Kids On Stage
  • Lion King
  • The Wizard of Oz

Croatian Language School

During a holiday in a foreign country many guests like to learn at least a few of the basic words from the language of the country they are visiting.
In a relaxed atmosphere, the entertainment’s team will help you to get to grips with a few Croatian words and the basics of Croatian grammar.

Your family holiday will be significantly easier and more fun when you learn some basic phrases for ordering food and drinks or how to greet someone when entering a shop or café.

You can have individual lessons or learn in a group, which is dependent on the interest of other guests and free periods in the timetable. People of any age, from the youngest to the oldest, can learn the Croatian language. The entertainment’s team has a sufficient number of entertainers who speak many languages.

Some of the most sought after words are:
  • Hvala! (Thank you!)
  • Molim! (Please!)
  • Izvolite! (Here you are!)
  • Kako se kaže...? (How do you say...?)
  • Molim, konobar! (Excuse me, waiter!)
  • Molim račun! (Can I have the bill please!)
  • Dobar dan! (Hello! )
  • Doviđenja! (Goodbye!)
  • Hrana (Food)
  • Jelo (Meal)
  • More (Sea)
  • Ljeto (Summer)
  • Možete li mi reći...? (Can you tell me...?)
  • Dobrodošli! (Welcome!)

If you are not a native speaker of the Croatian language, and would like to return home having learned something new then visit Afrodita Bluesun Holiday Village or any of our Bluesun Hotels. Make your reservation now for the next season at sales@bluesunhotels.com. Dobrodošli!

Families who come to the Bluesun Holiday Village Afrodita can bring their youngest children up to two years old free of charge.
If you need one, you can ask for a cot in your room. Our kind and highly qualified hotel staff will do everything to make sure that your family holiday is a worry free and relaxing one.

Reserve your place in the Afrodita Family Hotel today via the online booking form or contact us on tucepi@bluesunhotels.com or by phone on +385 1 3844 288

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